Upcoming Advisory Board? 5 Insights You Need to Consider

Submitted by Alana on Wed, 27/07/2022 - 10:05

An Advisory Board Meeting can be an invaluable tool. Having the right agency partner can be the difference between receiving a generic meeting transcript versus actionable insights that will drive brand strategy. 

  1. Experience optimizes outcomes 
    We’ve been running Ad Boards since 1996. What makes our approach so successful is that we work closely with you to understand your needs – we don't just send a writer along for the day. We can pair your meeting objectives with engaging, interactive agendas, identify key data to present and develop the right questions that will provoke thought and garner real insight. 

With a team of >30 in-house writers, our expertise covers a diverse range of therapeutic areas, meaning we’re best placed to identify, capture, and deep dive into the insights that matter the most.  

  1. Insights don’t end with the Ad Board 
    As a life-cycle agency, we understand that an Ad Board is a smaller cog in a much larger process. That’s why it’s important to partner with an agency that leverages insights to inform brand strategy and ensure learnings are integrated, built upon, and carried forward through execution.  

If your current agency isn’t doing this, give us a call. 

  1. KOL relationships need nurturing
    “I attended an advisory board meeting, but the company never followed up.” You’d be surprised how often we hear this from Ad Board members. We pride ourselves on our relationships with KOLs – by providing clear communication, support, and follow-up, this allows you to develop and maintain important relationships and increase your brand appeal. 

From general practitioners to specialists, traditionalists to innovators, the chances are we have either worked with or heard of the KOLs in your therapeutic area. If you don’t have any in mind yet, our KOL knowledge and relationships can help you identify who is best to approach. 

  1. Talk isn’t cheap
    We’re mindful of budgets and busy schedules. With our experience and expertise, we can advise on best approaches for a successful, quality Ad Board meeting that’s within budget and that leaves a lasting impression. After all, a well-thought out and coordinated meeting with a trusted agency means you can stay focused on more important matters and increase the value out of your interaction. 

  2. Consider your carbon footprint 
    Have you considered the environmental impact of running your Ad Board? We’ve been recognized as a company that is leading the way in climate action in Med Comms and have been collaborating with clients to provide innovative virtual formats and ‘green’ solutions for face-to-face meetings. Even some of our internal, green travel policies have been inspiring change in the way clients and KOLs travel to meetings. 

For your next Ad Board, ask yourself, am I getting the most value out of this meeting? If you find yourself lacking inspiration, distracted by planning, or wanting more from your current agency, get in contact. We’d love to hear from you. 
Contact Alejandro.Potes@asandk.com for a consultation today.

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