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Online medical education with impact

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The Corpus works with world-leading educators and medical innovators to develop exciting and carbon-conscious education curricula across therapy areas. Our tailored programmes bring about real improvements in patient outcomes and have proven to inspire frontline physicians to change their clinical behaviour. 

76% of respondents intend to change their clinical behaviour after attending just one Corpus meeting 

Delivering the latest information, trial data, guideline updates and real-world evidence in a format that suits the end-user, Corpus programmes are accessible to healthcare professionals around the world. Corpus medical education cuts through the noise to help physicians avoid information overload.

The Corpus is a carbon-neutral company


The world’s most sustainable medical education programmes

The Corpus operates as a carbon-neutral company and we offer carbon-efficient medical education solutions. By moving just one of your in-person medical education meetings to an online setting with The Corpus, you can save an average of 2.11 tonnes of CO2e.  

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