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Submitted by Jan Ash on Thu, 14/10/2021 - 07:32
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The Corpus recently ran a poll where we asked the LinkedIn community about their experiences with online networking during the pandemic. The result was unequivocal: 90% said their experience of networking virtually left something (or, in some cases, much) to be desired when compared to pre-pandemic, in-person networking meetings.

The need for better online networking solutions is clear. Even with much of the world now re-opening and with the number of face-to-face interactions on the rise again, there are still many who will never return to in-person work full-time. Whether because of the convenience of working from home, anxiety over health, concerns around being more environmentally friendly and carbon-conscious, or other reasons, the lack of opportunity to network effectively with peers beyond face-to-face settings needs to be addressed.

This is something which The Corpus has actively kept in mind when developing our latest offering: Corpus Communities.

Combining the well-known benefits of collaborative learning, Corpus Communities is an initiative designed to bring frontline physicians around the world together in one place, facilitating knowledge exchange and creation by means of meaningful interactions and shared experiences, as well as providing a space to network with peers.

We are creating these learning spaces in the form of dedicated microsites, which will host enduring materials aimed at specific physician specialties. In addition to regular Corpus meetings where groups of 20-25 healthcare professionals (HCPs) listen to a presentation from a renowned international key opinion leader (KOL) and discuss the topic afterwards during a Q&A period, The Corpus is also incorporating other interactive elements into each Community, such as:

•    Larger-scale webcasts and panel discussions, featuring a mix of local and international KOLs
•    Intimate small-group workshops
•    Bitesize videos available on-demand
•    Speaker podcasts
•    Interactive case studies
•    Key takeaway reports following each meeting

In addition to the varied media formats, our live meetings will begin and end with an open lobby for participants. This will give physicians an opportunity to start conversations with their peers from anywhere in the world, in a free and open forum. Following the meeting, colleagues can remain in the virtual meeting room to discuss key takeaways from the global experts and share individual insights. Dedicated spaces on this community microsite will also allow physicians to comment on videos, ask questions and have their questions answered by the KOL speakers.

It is through this collaborative learning model, by creating a varied and engaging online medical education programme, that HCPs are able to effectively learn from each other and develop their own skillsets. By creating knowledge within a population where members actively interact with each other and share their first-hand experiences, we can help facilitate improvements in the standard of patient care, globally.

To find out more about Corpus Communities and how you can get involved as a meeting/Community sponsor, contact us via or call +44(0) 207 428 2903.

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A recent survey found that 90% of people are still struggling to find workable online networking solutions. The Corpus is hoping to break down virtual barriers, by introducing new forms of collaborative learning into the digital age.

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