Unmet needs in CKD: How HCP and patient education can help bridge the gap in care

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The incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is consistently increasing, particularly in Asia and North America, as lifestyle-related conditions such as elevated blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are two key drivers. Almost 900 million people globally suffer from this condition, of whom approximately 4 million are on dialysis.1 In addition, CKD is associated with an important increase in the risk of cardiovascular complications, as well as cardiovascular and overall mortality (up to 12-fold!) compared with the general population.2,3

The progressive nature of CKD makes it all-the-more difficult to suitably care for patients. Its onset is asymptomatic, therefore particularly insidious, and once renal function starts declining, current treatment options can only help slow down the inevitable worsening of the disease.4-7 

So far, existing therapeutic options target only two of the pathophysiologic pathways involved in CKD development and progression, resulting in a considerable residual risk that has been so far not addressed: an early diagnosis and timely treatment with both old and new standard of care is therefore extremely important, as new mechanisms of action are being investigated and validated.8-10

Unfortunately, lack of awareness among primary care physicians and specialists regarding the monitoring of at-risk patients, coupled with reduced access to tests and testing facilities in some countries, often delays diagnosis, referral, and treatment, therefore exposing them to unnecessary risk.  

At The Corpus, we believe that information and education are powerful tools in the endeavour to improve patients’ lives, and this is particularly true for CKD. To help bridge the existing gap in knowledge and care, we are collaborating with Professor George Bakris, world-renowned endocrinologist, nephrologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago, to build a modular, highly customisable education program focused on CKD. 

Utilising our bespoke virtual meeting platform, we engage with experts in the field to deliver a mix of highly interactive plenary sessions, discussions, and collaborative workshop activities, aimed at:

• Increasing physician awareness around the condition and available treatment options, both old and new

• Bringing physicians up to speed with new data and evolving clinical guidelines at both global and regional/local level

• Empower physicians to achieve the best outcome possible for their patients

Visit our Calling out CKD website to learn more about this brand new initiative!     

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An early diagnosis and timely treatment with both old and new standards of care is extremely important, as new mechanisms of action are being investigated and validated.

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